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The act of paying an individual (mainly a gentleman) to wash your genitalia with the use of a bar of soap (no hand soap) in a vigorous yet effective manner.
'My balls were so dirty, I had to go get them gingled by the gingle meister'.

"Was he good ?'
'Yeah, a highly trained professional, skills passed on through generations'
by Mothercheese May 14, 2012
13 2
Indicative of an incredibly small scrotum or testicles. Typical of the Alabama region but seen as far west as Kansas; now starting to surface in Colorado. Gingles are hereditary.
Sally: How was your date last night with Colby?

Tara: Good, but I don't think it will last.

Sally: Why is that?

Tara: Well he is rather small, if you know what I mean, and has gingles. I wouldn't want my kids to have to deal with that. It must be aweful to live life with gingles.
by jack_of_trades September 21, 2011
7 2
the desperate position of both being ginger and single
that Paul Scholes is so Gingle it hurts my arse
by Auty October 01, 2003
29 26