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Its a rare thing but there are women who desire Ginger Men, these women are usually blonde and quite attractive.

This alure to Ginger Men usually comes out when a group of girls get drunk and talk about the kinky things they like and then one admits to a liking for Ginger Men.

The relationship doesnt usually last as the Ginger man can't believe his luck and ends up doing something stupid like breaking up with her.

Girl 1 (drunk) I love a bit of anal

others - tee hee giggle

Girl 2 - I use veggies to get off

others - giggle

Girl 3 - I kinda like Ginger men

Others - you sick sick bitch your in to Ginger love
by gavinda November 09, 2008
when two ginger kids(see ginger kids)get together and either date or wed. date isn't that bads but ginger weddings arre a serious problem and must be eliminated.
ginger1:so i was thinking...maybe we could hook up.
Ginger2: yeah sure awesome.

This is an example of ginger love
by awesomeluke September 15, 2008
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