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The liquid inside the vagina.
A thinck sometimes clear or light yellowish color.
uses as a lubricant and a natural hydrogen peroxide to prevent infections.
" gine " means "Vagina".
Some people say they like to eat a females Gine-Gine. It may taste similar to what that person ate that day.. If they ate a lot of oranges they will taste like oranges.
Please avoid garlic. =/
Dude! I drank some of her Gine-Gine!
It tasted liek MANGO!!!
by Ceaser_Augustus_Ownage February 11, 2004
1 Word related to Gine-Gine
the blanket that has elastic around it that goes on your bed. Also used for parachute gine gine parties.
"Quick, get in the gine gine!"
by ari A November 06, 2005

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