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Freaking Huge!!!!

Similar words: Gi-Normous, Gigantic, Gi-Jumbo, Gi-Normic
That guy has Gi-Mungous biceps!
by Supa Diesel April 30, 2007

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ginormous huge humungous whoa wow
Absolutely massive, bigger than pretty much anything. A fusing of the words ginormous and humungous.
The Universe is expanding. If this is true, by now it must be gimungous
by John Carpenter January 25, 2005
bigger than humungus
damn! that tree is gimungous
by Thinh Le October 03, 2003
is a HUUUUUUGE, emphasize on the HUUGGE factor object, or person. In this Context mainly a person
the perfect example would be Monica Diep, she is HUUUUGE nad when you ssee her youll be liek "whoa...thats gimungous alright, damnn" XP
by Yuai August 10, 2006