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A Gathering of electronic entertainement indoors to the point where it is unsocial/unhealthy:

1 When several (usually 3 or more) are using Computers in the same room whether for work, relaxation or playing games (usualy done in a colledge or other boarding institution)

2 When several individuals are all concentrating on one source of electronic entertainement, such as a computer, movie, or video game and usually with no light source. (usually done in colledge or other boarding institution or in ones house)

such activites are accociated and are more of a "Gimp Fest" when fast food (usually pizza) and "gimping" well into the hours of sleep or work is involved.
"dude im hell bored"
"oi lets go to daniels room and crank a gimp fest!"
"yeah grab your comp, we'll hit up some half life then get pizza and watch 'House'"
"Def Crank Gimp Fest"
by amusingtree October 26, 2009
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