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1) a cabin of crazy ass girls that stay up late and party like none other
2) Current members are: L-dog, C-money, da Colbster, Daiz, Meow, Funkalicious-K, 420 Sally, JAY-Zar
Andrew: "Yo David, what you doin' tonight?"
David: "Shit man, I'm goin to Gillies to get laid!"
Andrew: "Sick, lemme come with you"
by Binnacle Boy4 March 08, 2005
8 14
Having eagerness or showing enthusiasm towards something.
"I am so gilly for a night out."
"Wow, Anna is really gilly for Alex tonight."
by annapea October 17, 2011
75 27
An insult the equivalent of "idiot", "prat", "knobhead" etc. used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Sonny: I didn't mean to break it.
Josh: You're such a gilly!
by JJome February 08, 2011
61 37
1) Sister Cabin of Binnacle
2) Your Mom in Labor
Oh, Gillies and Binnacle, they came from the same mom in labor
by supremecourtier March 09, 2005
14 11
A person who sexually abuses disabled elderly men.
Grandpa's in the hospital, he got humped by a Gillies last week.
by LIgen October 11, 2012
6 6
Marijuana (weed), a term evolved from the Harry Potter series for a magical plant: Gilly Weed.
Man I be jonesin' hard for some gilly!


Find out if anyone has any gilly we can pick up.
by Mack Millie April 30, 2010
31 32
Just straight up Fucked up.
That shit is gilly man.
by Leenuhj May 22, 2006
85 86
To describe something or someone that is or who is little and cute at the same time.
1)I saw this gilly puppy at the pet store the other day.

2)My mother made these gilly cupcakes for the kids the other day.

3)That is girl is gilly.
by KIKO November 09, 2013
2 4