someone that is very pretty but makes sure to deny it when someone tells that person that they are pretty.
him: your pretty
her: oh no I'm not...
him: your such a gillie..
by sarah loser June 25, 2005
Top Definition
Gillie usually refers to a female; but can be a male. Gillies trend too be crazy, hyper, and always laughing. Many have unusual obsessions such as lamps, blankets or pigs. Overall, Gillies are fun, lovable and make great friends.
Often tenders to an intelligent life form.
Always ready to share pig trading cards. Commonly known to have spaz attacks.
She's so Gillie it's silly!
by Catalpa January 05, 2014
dublin ireland term for A, condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a person by mentioning a specific thing.
1. what a lovely sunny day not a rain cloud in sight, don't say that you'll put the gillie on us.

2. c'mon ireland we are going to win the world cup, why would you say tha now you after putting the gillie on us
by jay86 July 03, 2012

1. To be gully, hood
2. really nasty swag

3. To steal from, steal swag

Gillie Da Kid is a notorious Philly hustler and rapper. He use to roll with Lil Wayne a Bit and Wayne apparently stole his swag and disrespected him on a track.

Man niggas from south philly be gillie man


Yeah he tried to gillie me on thatv track and use my own swag against me
by D-Bo Slims June 23, 2009
a girl who looks like a fish, or even sometimes thought to be part fish

(comes from fishes GILLS)
woah... i was eating sushi with gillie and i almost confused her with a tuna roll

whats that smell? oh...gillie just walked in.

gillies pretty...but such a fish.

she is such a dead fish in bed...

when i kissed her it felt like i was making out with a fish...what a gillie
by fishmonger222222222222222 December 09, 2007
Form Ireland

Gillie to put a jinx or bad luck on something
The weather is so fine, not a rain cloud in sight.

Ah now you're after putting the gillie on us
by Jaybaly June 23, 2016
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