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Gill Roys is the dopest hardware store known to man. Gill Roys carries thousands of Items and the floormen have to know where each item may resound to help the many walks of life that walk through the doors find whatever it may be they are looking for. This hardware store will hook you up and has been voted as the best hardware store in Michigan by the Flint Journal...because everyone that works at Gill Roys is a BOSS! All the other fake-ass hardware stores out there (ACE, Ho-depot, Lowes, etc.) wish they were as fly as Gill Roys.
Bro #1: Yo dawg, I need some random-ass bolts, nuts, auto parts, tools, and lawn-care.

Bro #2: Then you best be going to Gill Roys, son!
by Anon Agent 007 June 07, 2011
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