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Small town, Boring ass town mix of 50% red necks 20% Wiggers 10%Stoners from boyertown 9.9%Other 0.1% Niggas.
When giving directions locally just use Wawa and Freeds a a reference since there is nothing else there.
Directions to where boyertown is use Zerns.
Pimp- You are in Gilbertsville tonight
Ho- Where the fuck is that?
Pimp- Find the shit hole Zerns and go like three minutes down the road
Ho- That makes sence
Pimp- Go by the Wawa there is nothing else there.
Ho- Yes daddy
(pimp slapped)
by I Live near Wawa February 04, 2011
6 3
A small town in Pennsylvania between Boyertown and New Hanover. Usually embarrassing to say where you live because you need to say how many minutes away you are from Zern's, the farmers market. Used to be a generally well-mannered town but eventually became plagued by migrating dope smokers from Boyertown. Mainly populated by rednecks, druggies, and wannabe gangsters. An optimal town to be referred to when one is famous and says that they came from a little town in the middle of nowhere.
Where do you live?

In Gilbertsville.

Where's that?

You've heard of Zern's?


Like two mintues away from that.
by Dan DeRosato August 15, 2008
41 9