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Last High king of the Noldor in Tolkien's Mythology. He fell in mordor in the war of the ring during the last alliance with Elendil and his people.
"Gil-galad was an elven king,
of him the harpers sadly sing,
The last whose realm was fair and free,
between the mountains and the sea."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004
Last High King of the elves. Slain in the Siege of the Barad-Dur. His likely successor would have been Elrond of Rivendell(Imladris), however Elrond had since travelled elsewhere and never laid claim to the Kingship, even up to the time when he took one of the White Ships into the west with the Ring-bearers.
High King
by Jim April 13, 2004
A abbreviation for 'Grilled Gallon of lard', used to describe particularly greasy or belgian people.
1: Stop being a stupid Gil Galad monkey
2: I am offended at that remark
1: Good

by LT3 February 12, 2004
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