1. A surprising burst of giggling followed by an even more surprising SNORT at the end. Gigglesnorts generally cause chortling in onlookers.

2. Half of the Viscount Chortles and Princess Gigglesnort giraffe equation.
I laughed so hard I gigglesnorted several times in a row!
by Puma Princess August 18, 2010
Top Definition
The spoken combination of giggling with an embarrasing snort afterwards. It is used to define your feeligns for an individual you are attracted to, or as a nickname.

Usually used as a single idea or thought.
1. "I like him so much! GIGGLESNORT!"

2. "I shall call him Gigglesnort and he shall be mine and he shall be my Gigglesnort"
by Lyssa December 25, 2004
To giggle and snort at the same time because of a joke.
Ella giggle snorted when I told her I was gay.
by j12345p February 11, 2013
A type of laughter where a giggle and a snort are combined to make a noise that creates more laughter. Both males and females can gigglesnort, though females tend to do so more often. It takes practice to perfect and each person has a unique gigglesnort.

Usually, a gigglesnort will happen when someone hears something very funny and they both giggle and snort at the same time. It produces a very unique sound that can only be defined as a gigglesnort.
"Did you hear what he said to her today?!"
"I know! It made me laugh so hard!" *gigglesnort*
"No way... you just gigglesnorted!
by Limonada_296 November 11, 2011
The act of giggling so hard, one snorts a little on accident. It is also considered kawaii when one types this in a chat room.
Tina giggle snorted when she saw Tim fall down the stairs on accident.
by TinkleCakes January 21, 2011
a word used to describe what you do when you find something ridiculously entertaining. usually when a girl named keely does something hilarious.
when your friends message you an inside joke from a decade ago in 7th grade.

wow, im so lame. :)
by iprefertwitter April 04, 2010
Something that a girl that pretends to be a guy avi but dresses like a girl on Gaia says and has spread it to others.
"Did you see that comedian last night?" Yeah he was funny giggle snort lol.
by Choas_Xx May 17, 2008
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