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A common misspelling of gigolo.
Guy: I remember when I used to write "gigalo" instead of "gigolo". I was SO DUMB.
Girl: Shut up. I'm not paying you to talk.
by Cummy Cummerton September 09, 2010
76 47
a man hoe... he sleeps for money and makes lots of dough
dabbs is a defenite gigalo
by ANONYMOUS March 26, 2004
356 90
A man who depends on a women of more wealth than him to live, a male prostitute.
"That gigalo tried to hit on me for money last night."
by Playboy Bunny July 19, 2003
199 108
1. Male who is paid by women to have sex with. prositute, whore.

2. Male dancer in restaurant. Bar boy.
1. Hey, I heard there's this really hot looking gigalo at that new pub!

2. Wanna' go to that new club and check out the gigalos?
by Smart-ass Person November 14, 2005
146 87
male form of a "call girl".
a male who has women pay him for sex.

Duece: Dude, I'm a gigalo.
Other Guy: Dudeee, thats the shit!
by comedian. February 15, 2009
54 34
Gigalo is men that dances with women in restaurants and she pay for it.
Now teenagers think that "gigalo" mean men prostitute.
I have a good time with gigalo.
by Andr October 24, 2005
33 67
Often confused with GIGOLO ("Jigolo" = a high class male prostitute for women only), GIGALO = giga (1 billion) + lo (to look) means "looks like one in a billion".
(1) I've seen a lot of GIGOLOS before, but Amandeaye is GIGALO!!!

(2) Samantha's body is gigalo!!!

by Wilhelm Waerdsmythe January 15, 2007
31 67