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Similar to other Yoga poses such as down-dog, warrior I, tree, child's pose, etc., except this pose is strictly for a man's pleasure. Essentially, the woman is usually lying in bed next to her male partner, when somewhere around 2AM he awakens with a glorious erection and needs to put it somewhere... Often times, this leads the man to disappointment when he is batted away from her rear-facing love alter shouting out or uttering "eh-eh" and/or simply an emphatic "NO!". However, on rare occasion, the woman - who is sure to not receive the big "O" from the act of kindness that she is about to perform, may acquiesce and allow legal entry (i.e., not night-raping). To get into this position, the woman, who is facing away from her partner is prodded into semi-wakefulness, then consents to entry by shifting the upward-facing leg forward flexing at the hip to bring the knee towards her abdomen, while maintaining her abdomen and leg in contact with the bed.
Bob: Last night, I woke up so horny from a sex dream and had this raging boner...
Jim: So, what did you do with it?
Bob: Well, after humping my girlfriend without success, I asked her if she wanted sex. She replied that she was too tired, but said that I could have my way with her. So she got into Gift Pose and I was able to alleviate myself…
by Mr Leopard April 05, 2011
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