Government of Singapore, Incorporated. A shadowy organization of men and women of all races, in non-descript, government-mandated black or grey suits.

Their net worth is unknown, modus operandi mysterious. GIC has recently pumped close to US$9billion into tanking Swiss bank Credit Suisse, in exchange for convertible notes.

GIC has started being more 'transparent' of late, showing the public some facets of itself.
"Oh ho! Your bank is failing, mate?" The Australian bank CEO was surprised at the shadow the man in grey suit and sunglasses cast over his supine body on the beach.

Despite the unseasonably hot weather, the man was barely perspiring.

"THE GIC is going to make you an offer you can't refuse..." the man said.
by Shizuma April 07, 2008
Top Definition
Slang --

It's a verb, sometimes a noun, and sometimes just substituted for anything such as 'OK' or 'Damn!'
1) I got gic'd
2) There's gic on her face
3) What's that gic?
4) Gic
by HyperThread September 22, 2004
G.I.C stands for Gangsters In Cirencester and is made up of a select few of badmen and in the eyes of the world scrubbers. if you see a member of the G.I.C you must run immediatley to the nearest gym - members do not do excersise.
person 1: hey look its the G.I.C !
person 2: oh shit run!
by loltrain96 November 21, 2011
Same context as "ew", "yuck" or "blee".
You mean he actually ate it? Giiiic.
by Jishular May 21, 2005
Leet people that get head shots.
wHaley: wtf was that??
elfZORZ: a GIC on you fosho
by Timmy August 06, 2003
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