when you've got the poops
Dude...I've got the gibbies
by Alumni April 04, 2006
Top Definition
Slang. An incredibly awesome person.

Someone who tends to be far cooler than anyone else in his surroundings.
"Gibby is a fucking beast."
by Mike October 22, 2004
someone who is "the man"!!!!!
whah gibby is so hot and he is the man!
by Sam Cairns February 28, 2005
A Boy who likes to be Shirtless!!
Especially whilst dancing on Tables!!

And is thought to possibly be a Mermaid because of the disliking of shirts.

Also He is quite Dim and has been tested a few times to see if he meets average academic levels.

Also He likes to rub up against things shirtlessly.
Person #1: Why is that kid rubbing up against that locker shirt less??

Person #2: That's Just A Gibby!! No need to worry watch!

Person #2: Hey Gibby What are you doing??

Gibby: Ma Thing!!!!
by Nerdy112 February 28, 2010
a) A man who wears an oven mit in order not to burn things due to his hotness
Damnit, the beer is boiling because it got gibby'd
by RonRonRon January 14, 2009
The skin and fat that dangles from a cats underbelly.
Look at Misty's gibby! It's dragging on the floor!
by mistysmommy February 01, 2010
A shirtless man, usually in a public or inappropriate place.
Ever since the weather got nice, that gibby has been doing nothing but playing frisbee and screaming "FOOTBALL!" all day on the green outside my window.
by Plaid-Clad SwampDweller April 27, 2010


A nickname given to any pudgy kid that resembles the characters Gibby from Teen Nick's iCarly. Most often, this pudgy kid is known especially for trying too hard to fit in, acting as wankster as physically possible, and hitting on underclassmen and upperclassmen alike.

-Can be substituted with Gibbs, Gibblets, Gibble, Gibbly, Gib, or Gibbamundah-


Someone who is terribly awkward when it comes to girls. Tries to force the annoying one-arm hug on them.
1 "Wow, Gibby sure tries too hard. If he just toned it down, he'd probably get some friends."

2 "Please tell me you didn't just smell her hair. You're such a gibby!"
by HonkoftheHill September 21, 2010
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