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The gibbet or hanging cage was a ubiquitous sight throughout Europe. Made of slats of wood or iron, in myriad shapes and sizes, this device served as a simple punishment (the victim was displayed and eventually freed) or a slow, brutal execution (the victim was left to the elements, facing eventual death).
The bodies of executed highwaymen, covered in tar for preservation, were often displayed in these cages along rural routes. It was thought that this presentation would deter other thieves.
The murderer was put into a gibbet and was left there for life.
by Another Brick In The Wall May 11, 2009
Interjection expressing hope that the current situation will resolve itself in a manner to one's liking.
"Gibbet," Smith said as she saw the election results start to roll in.
by Furnk June 09, 2008
an other word for a gibbo/a gibbson
the gibbet sat in front of mi in french(1 of them actally did,only cause i sit as far to back as possible tho)
by (((m@35))) September 19, 2003

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