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Also known as GBP, Giant Beer Pong is a variation of the game Beer Pong played outside with 12 large trash cans and 2 rubber balls. Cans (6 per side) are set up in a triangle formation 6 to 8 yards apart and players (2 per team) try to make the opposing teams cans.

Rules: Are the same as beer pong, though no re-racks are permitted and to achieve "balls back" both players on a team must make the same can.

Drinking: You should be drinking at all times and extra when the opposing team makes cans on your side.

Credited for the game: "5 sexy" UCSB
When returning the trash cans to the hardware store after a weekend of Giant Beer pong, we simply stated "The beach clean up was canceled."

Giant Beer Pong.....woot!
by Soaltaker. May 13, 2009
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