An individual who is always on the go, never satisfied and always ready for the most difficult challenges.
by ChainsofLoyalty April 23, 2009
Top Definition
a stubborn person, but is willing to listen to everything you say, makes a great friend, very trustworthy
Gianni is a great friend.
by crimsonfire October 07, 2008
An individual that treats all women with love and respect, sometimes causing women to think they are dating when they really are not.
Person 1: I think he likes me. What should I get him for our monthly anniversary?

Person 2: Don't get too carried away, he is Gianni.
by SpotOfTheG May 05, 2009
An italian boy or girl, with a loving heart who will always be there for you no matter how you treat them. Stubborn, smart, fun-loving, outgoing, and can barely say no to those he/she loves, the best friend you could ask for. Don't be surprised when you fall for them.
Gianni showed up at my game, and I didn't know what to think, she really cares.
by Artie Smartie February 17, 2010
Always striving for the best things in life. Ignoring how expensive the price is, Gianni’s visualize these perceptions as well worth it despite the cost.
by ChainsofLoyalty April 23, 2009
Gianni Is a Kind hearted person who takes things a little too far at times and can be an asshole. He's a good friend and will always be there when you need him the most. He's Pushy at times (He may ask you to marry him) but he means well. he may be a little weird but don't judge too quickly. He is the best friend who will always be there when you need guidance :)
by acgc July 04, 2012
A guy who is a firetruckin beast with a huge dinglberry and gets all the girls wityh his hot body and awesome looks.Usally reserved for the most awesome of all people and the person who is to be the ruler of the earth some day.
"dude that gianni just got 17 chicks numbers and is going to go out with all of them at once"
girl 1- i wish i had gianni
girl2- u mean ghottie
girl1- yup
by el beast April 03, 2011
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