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A medical school where you are treated like children, thought of as a walking bank, unorganized, ran by a dictator and a bunch of idiots, a place where there are barb wires all around and tall fences with guards at every corner but you must be locked into your room by 9pm and need permission by a hostel warden to be allowed outside the gate and also a place where they charge you for admission AND ON TOP OF THAT extra money for missing classes and make decisions for 1000+ people over ONE person's incident. Also a place where you are AFRAID to attend class because you will be yelled at by your teachers for not knowing an answer to a question that has no answer.

In common terms: A piece of fuckin' bullshit
Sood: You you you.. uhh.. owe 200000 rupees for missing class
Student: I just started going to Gian Sagar a week ago..
by Face of the Night! July 01, 2011
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