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A really cool kid (NOT) who thinks he is the best at basketball. He likes to rub in everyones face that he's supposedly the best at basketball but he gets owned every game. He also thinks hes really tall and thats the only comeback he has (like thats even a comeback). He denies his origins cause he's a faggot. Hed rather been known as a Canadian(like that's better, than his real origin). Someone should clue this kid in! Also he says hes 14 when he looks more like 17 (17 in 9th grade DAMN!) Lying about his age (Even girls don't lie about their age when they are 17). What a queer.

P.S.- Yeah i forgot to mention that he smell like shit (and no ordinary shit, he smells like dog shit mixed with bull shit). Hey Murtaza buy some deodorant, it's not expensive dude. If you don't have the money then atleast take a shower.
Man, you smell like shit! In other words like Ghulam Murtaza.
by 51LV3R July 19, 2004

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