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1. (verb) to write an incredible verse for another MC to spit. takes the idea of ghostwriting to another level.

2. (verb) to get away with the most heinous of crimes without any repercussions.

3. (verb) to ghostride the whip down the highway at a speed of at least 60 mph.

4. (noun) the MC name of Isaac "Ghostwhippin' Babies" Lehman.
1. I heard that Jay-Z ghostwrote Still D.R.E for Dr. Dre, but Isaac Lehman was ghostwhippin' babies for Max SG in the studio the other day.

2. Isaac was ghostwhippin' babies, dude. I saw this video where he punched the shit out of this bitch who got on stage while he was spittin', and nobody did anything about it.

3. You think you're tough ghostriding the whip around that church parking lot, let's see you ghostwhip babies.

4. Isaac "Ghostwhippin' Babies" Lehman spit a crazy verse on that new album, 'MAXimum Quality'.
by the Justice Poet April 19, 2010

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