When you "Ghost Ride the Whip," You get out of your vehicle and just with your hand on the steering wheel drive it like a ghos - Orgin - The Bay Area
Hey Due ! did you all them Folk "Ghost Ride the Whip" in the E-40's Tell me When To Go, video?
by Gabriel Valenzuela April 09, 2006
While driving a car, open the door and climb out onto the hood while the car continues to roll. It is typical for one to dance around on the hood while the car is ghostin.

Are all rappers retarded!!!!!?
This has got to be the stupidest fad I've seen in my entire life. You should film yourseves doing this so you can witness just how retarded you truley look!!!

DAMN, I thought that wearing your'e pants down around you're ass was retarded. But you've managed to one up that.
ghostride the whip DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! FUCKING RETARDED
by rapsucks1738 January 21, 2007
When you finally get the joint in the rotation and you hit that shit letting the milky weed smoke escape from your mouth for a brief moment before you suck it back up, making it dissapear in your nasal and mouth cavaties.
ghost ride the whip, ghost ride the whip
by MC Nasel May 09, 2006

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