From an E40 song. Its when you put your car in drive and jump out and dance along side it. It looks even cooler when you have a car full of friends and you all jump out and dance.
Yo homie lets ghost ride the whip in front of da club.
by djfizzle April 08, 2006
When driving a whip, ride or hooptie, get out and climb onto the hood while the car continues to move.

It is typical for one to dance around on the hood while the car is ghostin.

Its Bay Shit... yadadamean?
In the Bay we gettin hyphy we ghost ride the whip and do the Thizzle Dance.

If you wanna live, you gotta thizz!
by King Of The O April 14, 2006
Leavin' your car in first gear, hoppin out, and goin dumb. Extra points for dancin on the hood. Thought to be made popular by E-40, although anyone into the Hyphy Movement knows it was much earlier by Mac Dre and other Bay Area / Vallejo rappers.
1. Lets get stupid and ghost ride tha whip down main street

2. Get stupid, what we do is good, ghost ride the whip while we dancin on the hood (Thizz In Peace Mac Dre)
by AlexS March 07, 2007
It's just a form of natural selection
"Mary...John killed himself while doing the ghost ride the whip stunt on the freeway..i feel so sad.."

"Don't worry about it Jody, its just a form of natural selection that's all. unfavorable traits become less and less common. Its all about nature's will. May God have mercy on his stupidity.."
by Tim Tsai June 22, 2007
To get out of your car while its moving and dance around. Made popular by the E40 hit, Tell Me When To Go.
I cant believe he just tried to ghost ride the whip in the middle of traffic.
by TParker April 15, 2006
The act of lowering the drivers seat all the way back and hot boxing the car simultaneously; thus your car will appear to have a ghosts driving it.
"Aye bruh i got a big ass blunt, tryna Ghost Ride The Whip?
by dabmasterx November 01, 2013
In terms of the sex act:
When having anal sex with a woman, the man sticks a dildo in her ass (i.e. leaving the keys in the ignition), and the woman crawls around on all fours as the man dances around her.
Keep crawling bitch, I'm trying to ghost ride the whip!
by Bambilla September 16, 2010

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