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Ghost ride the whip is to slow your car down to around 5 mph or something and then put it into cruise-control and then continue onto opening your door while the car is still in motion and to go dumb right next to your car while it is still in cruise control and whilst you are going dumb and keeping up with your car or scraper.
I like to Ghost ride the whip when my parents aren't home because I can steal the keys to my scraper.
by Alville April 03, 2006
24 46
The act of putting ones ride in neutral, opening all doors, placing the volume dial on 10, and simply rollin. One can also take the process up a notch and actually exit his/her ride. Once outside of the ride, one can dance and flow to the beat.
Ya smell me we gon' do it like this here (Oooh)
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip
Now... x8Scrape

-E-40, Tell Me When To Go
1427 297
To put a car into neutral and hop on top of it while bumpin' some fresh beats. Looks especially cool when you get hit by an oncoming car.
"Pardon, good passengers, but I could fancy some Mac Dre right about now. And furthermore, I think I'd like to Ghost Ride The Whip while listening to one of his more agreeable recordings."
by MostHorrorshow July 22, 2006
996 278
Bay Area Slang - To hop out your scraper while in gear and walk wit it.
Mayng, them fools was going hella dumb at the sideshow, they was about to ghost ride the whip, but the fifty's rolled up.
by All Area Pimpin April 14, 2006
467 304
to get out of your ride while still in drive and start going hyphy.
My homies and I were in a hyphy mood so we started goin dumb and decided to ghostride the whip down the boulevard.
by OC Hyphy Movement March 16, 2006
204 85
put your car on auto and dance next to it as it's moving
"Let's get high and ghost ride the whip!" exclaimed Marie
by Sumba April 12, 2006
325 229
Orginginated in the YAY AREA (Oakland, SF, Richmond, EPA, San Jose, etc) it means for a driver to get out of the car, or whip, while it is in drive and start goin dumb by walking along side of it or jumping on the hood, rear, or roof. It looks like a ghost is riding in the driverseat of the whip.
Search "ghostride the whip" at youtube.com
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To dance next to or on top of your hood while the car is still moving, ideally with many friends and with hip-hop music.
Steve was bumping some Lil Jon when he got out of his car and started to ghostride the whip in the parking lot.
by CEG 5000 April 02, 2006
92 32