A scent came from nowhere.
p1: "I can smell a big poo in our house!"
p2: "Who pooped in our house!"
... ...
p1: "srsly, where is that shit!"
p2: "I really have no fuckin' idea!"
p1: ~released dog to track down the shit~
... ...
dog: *whine*
p1: "GODDAMN! I still can smell the shit but my dog can't find that goddamned shit..."
p2: "I guess I will call shit loving furfags to get rid of that ghost scents."
by Swift Forks August 20, 2009
Top Definition
When you think you smell someone or something that's not really there.
"dude, it's like Adam's sitting right next to me!"
"I think you're having ghost scent"
by Helena War May 12, 2010
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