Top Definition
1: A girl that can deepthroat a dick until it disappears.
1: Sofia ghost mouthed on Brians cock.

2: She gave me that Ghost Mouth, and I thought I was in heaven!
by Tha Kidd September 15, 2014
The act of giving a blow job, but the male is unable to feel it. As if a bodiless phantom is trying to slob your knob.
"My girl friend can't give head, she sucks the tip like a straw."
"Yeah and I can't feel it at all. Total ghost mouth."
by Kyle and Max April 04, 2008
When smoking marijuana: taking a toke, then letting the smoke slowly flow out of your mouth.
-i don't always inhale, sometimes i just ghost mouth because it looks freaking cool.
by ghostyy July 08, 2009
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