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(n) The tragic blending of ghetto and hoosier (see related entries), becoming slowly more common through out the United States especially in the St. Louis, MO region.

After decades of being at odds with one another, many ghetto and hoosier people have realized they have more in common than previously thought, and have begun to combine both styles, philosophy, and DNA.

A ghoosier does not have to be born as such, and usually starts out as one or the other. The pressing influence of confined cultures, however, eventually cause a slow, subtle conversion that the individual may not themselves be aware of.

Caution should be exercised at all times when informing said person of their converted status, as it often leads to a flurry of violence, mispronounced swearing, and threats quoted from bad rap/rock songs that they will try to pass off as their own.
"To place their order at White Castle, the two ghoosiers had to turn down their 50 cent-Lynard Skynard-Beyonce-Dream Theater radio recorded mix tape and roll back the plastic from the driver side window of the low riding '92 Ford Escort with spinning rims and tinted window before asking how much for extra nacho cheese and making a crude innuendo involving their "sliders"."
by Mad Mojo June 27, 2009
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