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n (gone-a-siff-a-her-pa-laids)

having managed to get gonnerhea, syphillis, herpies and aids ALL AT ONCE.

Usually gotten by a skank or whore. People who have this have usually slept with at least 130 people.
(me: EWW!)
Jacob: Dude is it true ur interested in Katie?
Tim: Yah
Jacob: dude no! she's a skank! she's got Ghonasyphaherpilaids!
Tim: *runs far away as fast as he can*
by animefreak123456789 August 04, 2008
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The uber STD. There is no cure. You're insides liquefy and are expelled trough every available orifice.
You'd better be careful, sleeping w/ women from McDonald County, you'll end up w/ ghonasyphaherpilaids.
by Bill Alleyne February 01, 2005
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