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A name originated from Arabic meaning 'Great Queen'. This name often crops up in love poems as being the centre of love and is known for its soft sound when spoken. The name is what defines and explains the great Arabian woman beauty and magnitizing magic and power that holds for eternal history and centuries.

A woman of perfection and beauty. She has complete power and is able to magnitize anyone and anything in the world. No one can be compared to her beauty, sensitivity, sensuality, sexiness, love, power, fun, sense of humor, and responsibility.

She is an angel sent from above.

A true woman with all means to define it. Complete power mixed with complete femininity. A Celtic goddess meaning lady of the people.

Something which embodies the trait of unmatched aesthetic and inner beauty, regardless of external influences. To be truly beautiful reflects an unparallel sense of eternity, unchanged by events or situations which may otherwise compromise such a trait.

Queen. A beautiful Arabian women who always gets her way.

The one true love.
Wow.. you must be a Ghina!

You're so lucky you're Ghina!

The luckiest man in the world is the man who marries Ghina.
by Dana Sarhan, Rana El-Samra December 10, 2010
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