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Melodic verses from songs, sometimes the hook, that are sung very sweetly, while the artist is talking about doing some nasty shit.
Invented by Notorious B.I.G.,
perfected by Nate Dogg,
made tasteless by the Ying Yang Twins
Ghetto Serenades...
Notorious B.I.G.- You must be used to me spendin
And all that sweet winin and dinin
Well I'm fuckin you tonight

Nate Dogg - I like them girls with the tight black skin, dark and fine
Thats the kind of girl I wanna play with tonight
I wanna do some nasty thangs,
wanna make her scream my name

Ying Yang Twins - Walk around the club with your thumb in your mouth, put my dick in, take your thumb out.... Ay bitch wait till you see my dick, Imma beat that pussy up. Beat the pussy up, beat the pussy up.
by Lsdeeznuts October 18, 2006
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