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The most extreme mixed drink known to man. A ghetto romance includes Everclear filled up to the bottom plastic ridge in a solo cup, a can of redbull and a little bit of Gatorade. This combination of strong alcohol, caffeine, as well as the electrolyte fucking up Gatorade will cause even the biggest heavyweight drinkers to experience a Ghetto Romance before the night is over.
"No one can escape Ghetto Romance night!"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
An inexpensive, intoxicating beverage made from cheap vodka and either Kool-Aid or an additional dirt-cheap Fruit Juice like substance.
Dude...why's it called Ghetto Romance?

Well, because it's got cheap booze and kool-aid in it...two things poor people love.
by JamesCapp June 26, 2005