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The variety of Spanish spoken by Mexican-American immigrants in the United States, characterized by horrendous grammar, excessive slang, and random outbursts in Spanglish.
I thought my high shcool Spanish courses would prepare me for ordering at Chipotle, but they all spoke ghetto Mexican!
by RoosterRooster November 05, 2010
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The usual Mexican Restaurant found in hill-jack towns, whose employees are certainly illegal immigrants filtering money back to their relatives across the border...but damn that food is good and the price is right.
"I had this killer chimichanga at the ghetto-mexican restaurant last's too bad those mexicans are closing up shop next week...they couldn't have gone out of business, that place made a killing."

"That chick at the ghetto-mexican restaurant was pretty hot, but you know her dad will move her back to Tijuana once he saves up enough loot for her plane ticket."
by jj1972 February 13, 2009
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