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The typical black person that most whites and non blacks think about when they see any black person. An abomination to the black culture which sets a bad example for the african american race. people who wear their pants low, smoke weed, crook their hats, etc; thinking that it is a type of style, however this is exactly the same thing that prisoners and criminals do to show how dangerous they are. looking this way does not make them look cool, but rather look like they threw in the towel for to the media and other races who think exactly what they thought they were: niggers.

This can also refer to anyone who lives in the ghetto, but is more towards black people who accept the life of the ghetto and live it to the fullest. naive to the successes in life and blinded by BET and other "cultural comforts".

"ghetto" celebrities such as Tupac, T-Pain, Rhianna, Lil Wayne, etc. No longer live in such areas, but are still able to get rich by being able to relate to the ghetto black community. This thus, preserves them from trying to become nothing more than NBA stars, rappers, etc. and blinds them from getting stable jobs.

Ghetto Black People (men and women) have or do the following:

1. A crooked hat
2. Type of durag
3. Pants that show their underwear
4. Loudness
5. Shiny rims that are 18" +
6. Drive in a 1994 buick with huge escalade wheels.
7. Aggression towards groups of different colored shirts.
8. Rudeness
9. Neon colored makeup
10. Neon colored weaves
11. 2"+ plastic fingernails
12. Call themselves the n-word
13. Think whites are racist
14. Try to be/act/look like the people in BET.
15. Guys: wear their girlfriends jacket all the time.
16. Girls: wear clothes sizes too small.
17. Get excited when hearing the following being served at a dinner: Macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, fried chicken, collard greens, cat fish.
18. Daughters name either ends in an ika, isha, ima, ana, ama, ida, ous, or ara.
19. Sons name either ends or rhymes with vane, shawn, shelle, quan, brawn, brell, or wami.
20. Have no idea as to where Africa is exactly.
21. call each other the nigga
22. only play basketball as a sport
23. appear according to BPT at the job
24. smoke crack at like 80
25. sits in the back of their church for 2 or more years and leaves early.
26. has ducktape for anything broken.
27. goes shopping in a navy blue sweat shirt and hot pink sweat pants.
28. says they "love the ghetto"
29. only voted for obama because he's black
30. Uses the f-word and s-word in conjunction with the n-word in all of their sentences.
theres 30 examples up dere un.

ghetto black person: Does number 30, 4, and 21 while just talking with his nig about air.

black person: that's ghetto black people for ya.
by Gigafrost December 29, 2008
A dangerous type of breed. Know to travel around in packs and hurl insults at any and every body. Natural territories are ghettos or liquor stores. Rap music is usually seen as some sort of communication between them. Most of the males leave the herd to prey on innocent people but usually never live past the age of 25. Females have 10 kids which they can never take care of. Use extreme caution espically if your white or asian.
Ghetto black people are dangerous and not to be trusted.
by Bannakiller September 29, 2011
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