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A home cinema made out of spare parts found around the house. A true ghetto home cinema has one of the following characteristics:

-The rear speakers of the "surround system" are of different make than the front speakers (or worse, the front speakers are the TV's intergrated speakers).

-The "surround system" lacks a center or subwoofer channel, or both.

-The projector operates at a 4:3 format (like the ones used for powerpoint presentations). Unlike proper home cinema systems which have 16:9 projectors.

-Picture is provided via composite (yellow plug) cables.

-The pre-recorded material consists of VHS tapes, Divx files and single layer DVDs made with DVD shrink (proper home cinema's have dual layer DVDs, MKV files and Blurays)
Little Jimmy put his pair of spare Wallmart speakers, his dad's powerpoint projector, and his collection of bootleg Divx files into good use, by making his own ghetto home cinema
by kurkosdr April 04, 2011
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