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When every hoochie with a bad(and multi-colored) hair weave, pink slippers, some kind of animal print and gold teeth goes to Wal-Mart. Sometimes accompanied by one of their baby Daddy. Various rednecks can be found there as well...usually missing teeth, wearing a Rebel Flag on their clothing, and dragging dirty brats who look like the offspring of siblings.
Going to the Ghetto Wal-Mart makes you feel like you've lowered your IQ level.

by Hy Maint Princess September 23, 2005

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The Wal Mart that has all the best movies, potato chips, kool-aid, Cheapest Alcohol and Sugar. One aisle just for food stamps, express aisle in case someone is running from the police and needed to stop there for a minute. Instead of Subway there is a roscoes chicken and waffles, and a currency exchange. There are usually 18 registers but only 3 cashiers working. The rest of the cashiers are giving you the look like "you better not get in my aisle". Then when you go through and pay they don't speak or say thank-you. In fact they roll their eyes and seem mad that you even came.
Hey make sure you put on your bullet proof vest before you go to the Ghetto Wal Mart to get the bread.
by Monie Luv July 10, 2008