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An alternate name given to the game Paper-Rock-Scissors. Two outta three, bitches. With this name, if you win, it's instant street cred.
Ron: I challenge you to a GHETTO DEATHMATCH!
Dwight: Ok!
<Round One>
Ron: Scissors!
Dwight: Scissors!
<Round Two>
Ron: Paper!
Dwight: Rock!
<Round Three>
Ron: Paper!
Dwight: Rock!
Ron: I win!
Zach: If this was the ghetto, you'd be dead, Dwight.
by ILC Digi August 03, 2005
another name for rock paper scissors, except if you play in the ghetto and you lose, you die.
I lost a ghetto deathmatch. If this was the ghetto, id be dead
by Dwight August 17, 2005