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Slang for Pigeon. Coined by a native Chicagoan
If that Ghetto Chicken doesn't get off my window sill I'm going to kick em right in his feathered ass!
by His dudeness March 24, 2005
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The urbanized bird (pigeon) often found frequently in the city as chickens are found in the country.

Hobos Eat Ghetto chickens.
I saw a ghetto chicken sleeping on the ledge at school so I pegged it in the face with a piece of stale cafeteria bread. I fell off the ledge and busted his face on the pavement below.

by [eXo] February 20, 2008
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The 2007 Baltimore Ravens, strutting and beating their chests and acting like thugs no matter how much they suck.
Did you hear the Ghetto Chickens crying about how the officials are supposedly setting up the Pats to stay undefeated?
by abittenkitten December 08, 2007
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A person who does power plays with moving vehicles by j-walking slowly in front of them.

They risk their life on the bet that you see them crossing the street, and as you get closer, make no effort to move out of the way any faster.
"You don't score any mojo points by playing ghetto chicken in the cross walk."
by congiocoso July 02, 2012
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