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A bong made with a water bottle, empty sharpie pin, and a socket.
Dude, that ghetto bong hits hell phat!
by jason March 17, 2004
72 6
Bong made out of other materials then the good ones. A ghetto bong would be something made out of a water bottle etc.
Damn dude that bong take the cake for ghettoness.
by sToNeD January 12, 2005
52 33
A cheap version of a glass bong that works great.
Usually consisting of cut up plastic bottles, electric tape, pens and sockets or aluminum foil.
Dude try my ghetto bong it hits great but leaks

I named my ghetto bong PooR
by Harrisonnnnnnn August 05, 2009
13 4
a bong made out of a water bottle, bic pen and and ratchet piece.
your ghetto bong is leaking on me.
by helenson March 29, 2007
17 13