A group of gangsta's who be up in their hood, doin' what they do.
But ohhhhh snap, there is a twist!

Instead of blasting their ghetto shit they be listening to metal. ;D \m/
-in a hood some where.-

Kristina and Ruth in their awesome ghetto car repping their wicked Ghettal musiccccccc.
by RuthieRAWR April 16, 2010
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The Combination of being Ghetto and Metal.

GHET(to) - (me)-TAL

a fan of both hiphop and metal/sub metal catagorys(aka grindcore-death metal etc etc)

Emo is not a sub metal culture...there is no such thing as ghetto-emo...they're just fags.
faggot - yo nice grillz ghettal brethrin checkin out some fall out boy mix wit some Jay-Z

Ghettal kid - Die. (pops a glock)
by Itami the panda April 17, 2007

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