done for; killed; destroyed; gone; no longer exists; out of stock;
"That faka is ghandi's, no can hang with the braddah's."

"Ghandi already, you too late"
by randomfaka May 21, 2009
Top Definition
A lawyer who partially through practices of non-violence and fasting was able to liberate India from British rule. Promoted religious and ethical tolerance, lived like a commoner, and eventually won the Nobel Peace Prize. Was mourned by pretty much everyone in the world when he was assassinated.
All the other "definitions" of Ghandi on this website are an insult to this great man.
by Matt April 21, 2005
a common misspelling of the name "Gandhi"
Ghandi should be Gandhi.
by confuseddesi April 01, 2007
The way that idiots spell "Gandhi," the name of the important Indian civil rights leader.
Have you seen the awesome Ghandi quote in my facebook profile?!
by benuski June 07, 2010
Adj: Awesome. As in "that was awesome" kind of awesome, rather than Ghandi the person.
Tom just did a back flip on his wakeboard. It was so ghandi.
by Malcolm X Terminator August 30, 2008
A middle eastern immigrant in America who usually works at a cell phone store, is very skinny and usually has not showered for a week; often wears a turbin with a plain white t-shirts and thick glasses. A Ghandi eats curry for every meal of the day and plays tennis in short shorts with their nine children. If startled or approached with too much aggression the Ghandi will emit a smoke bomb from their anal cavity to escape danger. They have been known to ruin the curve for students involved in engineering and mathematics because their brain is made out of metal.
Damn-that Ghandi at the Metro PCS store smelled terrible!

When I went to smack that Ghandi for getting 100% on the test he dropped his anal smoke bomb and disappeared.
by c.harris April 20, 2011
1) Used to describe a peaceful outcome of a problem.

2) Appearently, since the word is close sounding to "gone" or "go", it can be sometimes used as a joke amoung people that are leaving.

3) With number 2, it can also mean a person that isn't quite all there in the mind (either from lack of sleep, drugs, or beer).
1) I am glad that the fight was solved Ghandi.

2) Well, I'll got to Ghandi now.

3) Wow, *hic* I am soooooo freaking Ghandi now.
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