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An interjection repeated over and over when playing split screen Nazi Zombies in World at War. Only said after purchasing the Gewehr 43. Must NOT be pronounced correctly; must always be pronounced as spelled.
Tommy: Outta pistol ammo. Gonna get the Gewehr.
Pierce: Gewehr.
Tommy: Gewehr.
by Piercey13 January 08, 2011
german or many other eastern european languages for rifle
FG-42 = Fallshimjager Gewehr 1942
by zeemeister October 14, 2007

Popularized by Call of Duty: World at War online play.
To gewehr is to be unexpectedly presented with an enemy soldier/player, and instinctively pull the trigger, resulting in the enemy/player's death.
"Oh fuck dude, I was just running around and buddy fucken popped outta the door way and I gewehr'd him in the fucken face!"
by thenthebulletsdrop July 16, 2009