Popularized by Call of Duty: World at War online play.
To gewehr is to be unexpectedly presented with an enemy soldier/player, and instinctively pull the trigger, resulting in the enemy/player's death.
"Oh fuck dude, I was just running around and buddy fucken popped outta the door way and I gewehr'd him in the fucken face!"
by thenthebulletsdrop July 16, 2009
Top Definition
An interjection repeated over and over when playing split screen Nazi Zombies in World at War. Only said after purchasing the Gewehr 43. Must NOT be pronounced correctly; must always be pronounced as spelled.
Tommy: Outta pistol ammo. Gonna get the Gewehr.
Pierce: Gewehr.
Tommy: Gewehr.
by Piercey13 January 08, 2011
german or many other eastern european languages for rifle
FG-42 = Fallshimjager Gewehr 1942
by zeemeister October 14, 2007
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