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Arriving on the green in regulation of any given hole while playing golf. Evolved from 'being on the dance floor,' to 'you're dancin,' to 'you're Ted Dansen,' to 'Gettin' gettin' some Ted!' Best used in team play to inform your partner of your status, works best when money is invloved, and when sung to the harmony of the song "Gettin' Some (Head)" by artist Shawnna.
On a Par 5, you're partner is only within shouting distance of you. Your third shot sticks on the green, awarding you a point in your bet with the other team. You proclaim that you are 'Gettin' some Ted' while you dance around your opponent, and loud enough so your teammate in the other cart can engage in the same behavior, demoralizing your opponents.
by The Bromissioner March 03, 2010
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