To score (either sex or drugs) a good deal
Hey dog, you really got 'er done! (as in scored very nicely). We're gonna get 'er done tonite (as in get laid).
by Jeff Harlan August 11, 2005
term originally used by baseball fans of a player named chris dunn, as in "git r dunn!" eventually turned into a catchall phrase for "hell yeah" used by southerners and other hicks in the u.s.
"Take another shot with me... that's right, git r dunn, man!"
by a grrrl August 04, 2005
used as an exclamation for something cool or nifty
if a loud jacked up truck drives by, you can say, "Get errr done!" followed by "dats right."
by Manzy November 09, 2003
What one rednecks say when they have an orgasm, usually from riding in their "hot Chevy" or watching too much Girls Gone Wild....
MMM...Yeah, 60 miles per hour damnit, GET Er' Done!!!
by Uncle Ray Ray August 17, 2004
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