A great threat to use against someone, and especially helpful when you want someone to stop talking bad about you or doing derogatory things to you.
So if you wanna get your mother fuckin cranium cracked, then step right up and keep talking that shit!
by Ur Mom October 25, 2004
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Top Definition
A lyric in a song known as "Dre Day". This was a song created in 1992 by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and featured a few other rappers. The lyric: "So if you want to keep poppin that shit and get your mother fuckin cranium cracked, step right up!"
This is probably what a lot of people on this site are probably going to end up have happening to them.
by The Kentucky Yankee February 05, 2005
What happens to every person on this site that posts something stupid and hateful against Republicans, Christians, Americans, the British, rock music, and George W. Bush. G** Dammit we're tired of this bullshit.
Just keep saying something about my Republican comrades, and you'll get your mother fuckin cranium cracked!!!
by Papa Smurf December 01, 2004

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