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Pronunciation: GUESS-kee (Am)

1. Surname- German meaning Gracious Gift of God.

2. The Geske God is Lutheran.
3. Genetically awesome. On top of a great immune system and few instances of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, Geske's have looks, brains, and agile bodies.

3a. Tend to hide their intelligence under an air of flightiness.

3b. Even an overweight Geske is a tough fight.

4. Never is Geske to be verb-ed. You can never "geske" this or "geske" that. Geske is too dignified to fall into the verbing-of-nouns- fashion of today's illiterate who think they're witty.
"I invited the Geske's over for dinner tonight, Jim" says Barb.
Jim replies "Oh boy, Barb! What a delightful family. It's too bad that you had to settle down with me when there are people like Paul Geske out there. His wife sure is a lucky one!"
"Yes, don't remind me, dear. There just aren't enough of them to go around. Help me set the table." a saddened Barb agrees.


1. "wow, he just went geske on your a**"
2. "She just got gesked"
3. "Don't act like such a geske!"
by q's girl May 27, 2010
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an openly gay christian
yur such a geske
by asshat1234 May 26, 2009
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