Big or very
Christ! That elephant's bloody gert.
by ss March 19, 2004
Top Definition
'Great' or 'very' in a dirty bristol accent.
'E took me behind the chip shop, and when 'e cum in I, it were gert lush.
by Sam November 13, 2003
A Bristolian slang word meaning 'Big' or 'Very' etc.

Often said in a very Farmerish Bristolian accent by the slightly older generation.
1. Shut yer mouth you bloody gert bastard, you.

2. That was a gert Hippo.

3. Gert lush.
by Jube December 12, 2005
latin: Gert means "he who is strong with the spear"
Gert - meaning the name of a man - frequently used in the Netherlands
by dude9999999 February 06, 2010
To ejaculate seminal fluid multiple times in an abrupt and violent manner, often without regard for the well-being of others.
I gerted on her face.
They played rock-paper-scissors to gert on their knee.
Sometimes you just gotta gert.
by Mike&Drag March 10, 2011
an abnormally large anus
This chick I just met had a GERT....
by dragn_99 September 14, 2009
A greeting, often used in place of "hello" or "hey." This word can be used to greet nearly anyone. For instance, in the song "I'm Goin' In" by Lil Wayne, Drake, and Young Jeezy, the line "Hello motherfucker, hey, hi, how you doin'?" can be replaced with the line "Gert motherfucker, gert, gert, how you doin'?"
"Gert, Mr. President."
*Ring *ring, *ring *ring...."Gert?"
by baitcpitewailhmta August 30, 2010

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