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Gerspanglish is the product of what happens when Spanish, English, and German have a head on collision in someone's mind. Common in multilingual students.

Also referred to as a threesome between German, English, and Spanish.

Is the only type of language google translate can not decipher.
Person 1: Dude, what did he just say?
Person 2: I dunno. Looks like Spanish. Use google translate.
Person 1: Must be Gerspanglish, Google just had a meltdown.

Person 1: You did the correct German homework, right? Your answers look funny.
Person 2: Oh, whoops, Spanish must have snuck in and had a threesome with German and English while I was doing my homework last night...
#spanglish #germanish #threesome #multilingual #german #english #spanish
by Kai Rain January 15, 2013
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