One who is wild & mental
by Skeg March 18, 2003
Top Definition
the other half of me. fea ger is the love of my life to complete the definition
when you find love you find ger.
by robert January 22, 2005
The best football team in Scotland.
Simply the best.
The Famous Glasgow Rangers
by TBC January 10, 2006
"Ger" is an old german word for spear. you find it surprisingly often in your german grandmother's german crossword puzzles.
Julius Caesar called his enemies in the north Germans because they carried spears.
From a german typically small crossword puzzle:

Altdeutsch für Speer mit drei Buchstaben: GER
by Hottentot June 12, 2011
A ghetto way of saying girl.
Ger, u bes be trippin! Dont you touch my dawg again.
by Bluegirl757 February 23, 2012
One who smells absolutely repulsive, stagnant relentless onholy wreakage.
I can't believe the gers that your body expels.
by Boner from Growing Pains January 15, 2006
love of my life
ger is a feo.
by Cynthia February 28, 2004
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