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To ejaculate on a females back and then urinate on her to rinse off the seimen
jack German Carwashed me last night!
by munroe94 December 16, 2010
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While the girl is giving the guy a blowjob, the guy pours a beer over her head. Once he cums in her mouth she tilts her head back and opens her mouth. The guy continues to pour beer into her mouth to help her swallow.
Give your girl a german carwash after a night at the bar.
by Beer Master J June 26, 2010
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While having oralsex the guy is on bottom, licking the womans vagina, while she gives him a blow job. The car wash is complete once the guy has ejaculated on the women's face and she has cum on his face, their mouth's will be minty fresh.
That german car wash made me cum so hard on her face
by samnyst04 May 03, 2008
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